"We don't do R&D..."

R&D Tax Credit Successes

You would be suprised how many companies could qualify for R&D Tax Credit funding, although most don't think so when we first meet them.

Fiscale have a 100% success rate for R&D Tax Credit claims.

See some of our recent Case Studies to find out more;


rd tax credit success for Blackman Agriculture

Blackman Agriculture Ltd

When it comes to plant science, research and development is fraught with uncertainty. The uncertainties have to be managed through extensive analysis, testing and field trials. Fiscale was in no doubt from the outset that Blackman Agriculture Ltd would satisfy the criteria set by HMRC for eligibility for R&D Tax Credit.

Our challenge was to articulate the impact that the diversity of characteristics, genetic sequences and interactions have on new product development and then to assign a monetary value to that process.


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Dot Medical

Seeking a second opinion from R&D Tax Credits specialist Fiscale delivers dividends for a company committed to improving and saving lives with state of the art medical devices.

R&D Tax Credits is a complex area and for the layman it can be easy to misinterpret the eligibility criteria as set out by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC). This can result in missing out on years of R&D Tax Credits Relief and the opportunity to inject extra tax free money courtesy of HMRC into your business. This was the situation with Dot Medical. The R&D Tax Credit incentive had been reviewed internally and it was thought that the company did not have grounds for a claim. An introduction to Fiscale from a professional advisor soon set the record straight!


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research and design tax credits claim dot medical


rd tax credit success for Visualplanet


Research and development is a daily occurrence at Visualplanet. From the outset, when they developed a new product and the production process to manufacture it, innovation has driven the company forward.

Today the innovation comes from the continuous development of the core product and the solutions that Visualplanet design for the clients they work alongside. The research and development is client driven - a client has a need and Visualplanet will innovate to ensure that need is met.


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D&G Mechanical Engineering

D&G are constantly pushing the boundaries designing new and innovative solutions, in the majority of cases from an idea or spark of inspiration from the business founder David Bowie.

It was clear to Fiscale from the very first conversation with D&G that they were ticking HMRC boxes by designing and building new and innovative machinery - just as they had been doing for over 30 years. Our challenge was to ensure that we got to the bottom of every project so that we did not miss anything that was eligible from the R&D Tax Credit claim.


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research and design tax credits


research and design tax credits

Precision Marketing

Precision Marketing offer a wide range of traditional marketing services centred on communication and delivery - their aim is to help clients get to the right people at the right time. In fulfilling this objective Precision has developed bespoke software applications to meet the needs of clients in specific industry sectors.


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BA Caulkett

Established in 1981 BA Caulkett has built a strong reputation for quality, service and innovative engineering solutions predominately within the construction, industrial and agricultural equipment sectors. They are proud of their team of highly skilled engineers, all coded to BS4872 standard, and their ongoing investment in the latest CAD software and C.N.C machinery. Using the right people, equipment and technology enables BA Caulkett to provide their diverse customer base with the premium quality technical solutions they demand.


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research and design tax credits


research and design tax credits

Icarus Training Systems

Icarus is a leading manufacturer of highly specialised technical and inflatable equipment for the aviation, aerospace, defence and security industries. Research and development is an intrinsic part of the company's day to day operations and underpins its success as a world leader in a niche market. However until they met Fiscale Icarus was not convinced of the value of the R&D Tax Credit scheme versus the potential work that an application could involve.


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Howe Green

For over 30 years Howe Green has built a reputation as a trusted partner and problem solver for clients in the building services sector. The company has invested in state of the art C.N.C. machinery, CAD software and a highly skilled workforce to ensure that they can deliver the reliability and flexibility that has become synonymous with the Howe Green name.


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howe green Research and Design Tax credits case study



research and design tax credits

CRM Online

Client Relationship Management (CRM) and Business Process Management (BPM) specialist CRM Online develop bespoke software solutions for clients in a diversity of market sectors.

Working with clients to design and build systems that meet their exact strategic and business requirements necessitates substantial investment. The speed of technological advancement has never been greater and staying "ahead of the game" to deliver sustainable, future proofed systems demands investment in time and resources.
Before an associate introduced them to Fiscale, CRM Online was unaware of the R&D Tax Credit scheme and the positive impact that it could have on their business.


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Content creators and developers Vetstream (whose managing director Mark Johnston is also a veterinarian) offer a unique range of online content to veterinary practices and manufacturers of veterinary pharmaceutical and nutritional products and to other suppliers in the veterinary sector. Over the years Vetstream has invested heavily in the development of applications which bring education and innovation to veterinary practices at the touch of a button.

Maintaining their position as the world leaders in the field of online veterinary knowledge requires significant and ongoing investment in the software that drives their powerful applications.


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vetstream online business Tax credits case study



datastation software company Tax credits case study



Information management company DataStation is constantly investing in developing the software behind their managed application. Standing still is not an option as their clients' needs are continuously evolving in a complex and changing business operating environment. Aware of the R & D Tax Credits scheme but lacking the knowledge and understanding of the finer details they were interested to work with Fiscale R & D Tax Credit Consultants to establish their eligibility and the scope of any claim.

The outcome of the project is still bringing a smile to MD Chris Grover's face. More importantly it has resulted in plans being put into motion for a new developer to join the team.


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Haverhill based Cyberaid has been developing Payroll, HR, Training, Recruitment and Time and Attendance software solutions for an eclectic range of clients for the last thirty five years.

The company's flagship products, TeamTrak Adaptiv and CyBIS, help clients to meet the stringent and ever changing requirements of payroll and employment legislation. With annual changes to payroll legislation and an increasingly competitive market place continual improvement to existing solutions is crucial.

A phone call from Fiscale opened up a whole new revenue stream for this long established and successful business.


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datastation software company Tax credits case study



datastation software company Tax credits case study


Food Innovation Solutions

Food Innovation Solutions (FIS) are at the forefront of strategic innovation, management, food and concept development for retailers, manufacturers and restaurants. Everything at FIS is underpinned by innovation. Whether creating innovation strategies, running bespoke workshops, researching and validating products or developing products and menus their approach is always focused on pushing the boundaries; R & D is a daily occurrence.

With previous experience in the food and beverage industry Fiscale was well aware of the scope of the potential R & D Tax Credit claim for FIS within minutes of meeting them at the MENTA Trade Fair and Food and Drink Expo in October 2014. The concerns FIS expressed over the level of background work required to submit claims were soon put to rest by Fiscale. The professionalism demonstrated by Fiscale gave FIS the confidence to proceed.


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Camtech PCB Design

Haverhill based Camtech PCB design are used to being the "backroom boys". they design Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs), the thin boards containing electronic components and electrical circuits that power all types of gadgets, from fertility monitors to remote home security devices.

The majority of the work carried out by Camtech is subject to very stringent confidentiality agreements.

Camtech's contribution to the products they work on can impact the speed at which an innovation moves from a concept to being available in the marketplace. For clients working at the cutting edge of their industry reliability and speed are of the essence.


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datastation software company Tax credits case study