R&D Tax Credits Specialists Fiscale Focus on Internal Innovation

August 2017

A Haverhill based company that specialises in helping other businesses maximise the return on their investment in R&D has been busy investing in their own innovations.

R&D Tax Credits consultancy Fiscale has recently invested over £75,000 in two new software systems designed to improve internal processes and client experience. They have also recruited a new member of staff to manage the systems.

big bucks in burgers - Fiscale Ltd

Experienced IT professional Neil Butler joined the Fiscale team in March 2017 as Manager, Systems and ClientSide. Neil has spent over 30 years working for high profile organisations, such as GEC Marconi, Fujitsu and BT. He is accustomed to working in Research and Development environments and during his career has been involved with Product Design, New Product Introduction, Systems Design, Technical Customer Support and Problem Management.

John Mayhew, Executive Chairman of Fiscale explains,

“With his broad industry experience, Neil brings skills to the Fiscale team which are invaluable for the introduction of new processes and systems. He also has the ‘hands on’ technical skills to be able to look after our existing IT systems and is very familiar with the R&D concepts and working practices at the core of our clients’ businesses. We are very pleased to have his expertise within the team.”

Neil will be supporting all of Fiscale’s existing cloud based IT systems in addition to the two new systems - the Hub and ClientSide.

The Hub

The Hub is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system which is used to track all the activity and interactions that Fiscale might have with a prospect or client - from the initial point of contact all the way through the professional relationship. The aim of the Hub is to improve internal efficiencies making client monitoring and project management easier.


ClientSide is a web-based system that has been designed and developed by Fiscale to improve the client experience when preparing for the submission of an R & D Tax Credits claim. The software facilitates the recording of the financial data and technical information that is required by HMRC to support a claim. It enables the client to capture their investment in real time rather than reviewing time and money spent on R & D retrospectively at year end.

Stephen Bunting, Fiscale’s Technical Director comments,

“The process involved in creating a claim for R & D Tax Credits can be needlessly complex and time consuming. The aim with ClientSide is to remove any complication and hassle that our clients might encounter with R & D Tax Credits. We are using technology to automate the process and to increase efficiency for our clients, and our internal team of Claims Administrators and Tax Managers. ClientSide helps us to fulfil the objective of making the submission of a claim as quick and painless as possible.

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