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Early morning networking meetings definitely do not feature in the Fiscale Top Ten Favourites! It's not quite as bad as "Rock, Paper, Scissors" but let's just say there is usually a little discussion and negotiation about who will be leaving their warm bed at some unearthly hour in the morning.

On the 22nd July it was John Mayhew, our Executive Chairman, who was setting his alarm for shortly after 5am to ensure he arrived in good time for the breakfast meeting of the Bury St Edmunds chapter of BNI.

Uncovering hidden gems...

At the breakfast John was introduced to Darren Hickey from Fellowship Productions, a web design and digital marketing company. John was soon delving into the "nitty gritty" of exactly what Darren's company did and more importantly how they did it. Within a few minutes John realised that Fellowship Productions was a potential candidate for an R & D Tax Credit claim.

Darren and his team of experienced web developers had created a new platform, based on the popular WordPress CMS, for building websites. Their modular based framework means they can offer clients a bespoke website by pulling together different combinations of popular components depending on what the client requires.

This approach speeds up the overall design and build of the website and enables Fellowship Productions to offer a fast and efficient service. An additional benefit is that any upgrades and improvements to a component will automatically be applied to whatever client websites that particular component is used in.

Acting fast...

When John realised that the company's Year End was 31st July he organised for Fiscale's Technical Director, Stephen Bunting, to visit Fellowship's offices in Bury St Edmunds on Stephen's return from leave.

The meeting took place on 28th July and Stephen spent three days gathering the information needed to submit a claim covering the past two years. Due to Darren going on holiday some of the information required could not be provided however the claim will be finalised and sent over to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) R & D Tax Credit team on his return - just three weeks after the first meeting with Fiscale!

Setting records...

This is certainly a record breaking time for Fiscale. Our average completion time for a claim, from initial contact to submission of the final approved report to HMRC, is 12 weeks. Despite having over thirty R & D tax claims in progress at any one time we were able to process 99% of the claim for Fellowship Productions in just three working days!

The investment in a fully integrated CRM system and streamlined processes mean that we have the capability to respond to urgent requirements without delaying other claims that are in progress.

It just goes to show that by having clearly defined business processes and working closely with clients anything is possible.


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