An introduction to ClientSide

At Fiscale we are always looking for opportunities to simplify and improve what we do. The desire to constantly innovate is probably driven by our daily exposure to the innovation shown by our clients. We are literally living and breathing research and development every single working day!

Many clients have understandably been daunted in the past by concerns of how to accurately record every aspect of their investment in R&D, even with the help and support of the Fiscale technical team.


clientside r and d tax credit software from fiscaleWe knew there had to be a better way to handle the data required but could not find an off the shelf solution that came close to doing the job we wanted. After some deliberation we decided to 'bite the bullet' and invest in designing and developing our own software system with the help of specialist contractors. We wanted a solution that would make life easier for our clients and our internal technical team of Claims Administrators and Tax Managers. Over the last two years that idea has developed into ClientSide.

The project was supported by the New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership through The Growing Business Fund.

What is ClientSide?

ClientSide works by providing a simple interface for clients to collect financial information and populate a predefined form with the relevant project information required for an R&D Tax Credits claim. ClientSide is a web-based application which means it can be accessed anywhere provided there is an internet connection.

Integration with accounting software is the long term aim, but initially the primary function will be to record the technical narrative of R&D projects that can be uplifted to the Fiscale team throughout the project. ClientSide will also help to record the time spent by individual members of the client’s team who are responsible for R&D.

The internal technical team will use ClientSide in the preparation of the technical report submitted to HMRC. The R&D Tax Credit scheme has several layers depending on the size of the business and ClientSide will be able to handle the analysis of the financial data to speed up the tax re-calculations.

What are the benefits to the client of using ClientSide

  • Saves hours of time every month
  • Simplifies the reporting function, while it is fresh in the clients’ minds
  • Facilitates the capture of all elements of the investment in R&D staff time, time spent on R&D activities and materials used
  • Enables data collection process by the client to be managed by less qualified/skilled members of staff
  • Ensures consistency of information for HMRC
  • Removes the hassle

How much does it cost?

ClientSide will be free of charge to clients who want to use it. Training will be provided by the Fiscale Team, led by Neil Butler, who joined the company in March 2017 to manage the roll out and support.

Can I use ClientSide if my R & D Tax Credits claims are being handled by my accountant or another R&D Tax Credits company?

Unfortunately not. The benefits of ClientSide are only available for our clients. However we do have the flexibility to set up an existing claim on ClientSide if you wished to transfer your business over to Fiscale.

Want to find out more about how ClientSide could benefit your business?

If you would like any further information on benefits of ClientSide please call Neil Butler on 01440 708333.

Want to know more about R&D Tax Credits?

To find out more about the R&D Tax Credit scheme and if your business activities are eligible please contact a member of our team on 01440 708333


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